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Creative Workshop on Child Rights, Child Protection and Personal Hygiene

Creative workshop

Phia Foundation organised a two-day participatory creative workshop on Child rights, Child Protection and Personal Hygiene on 23 and 24 June 2018 for children at our bridge school centre in Bhowapur. The workshop was attended by around 51 participants, including children and adults.

The main objective of this workshop was to create awareness and train the children on issues pertaining to child rights, child protection and personal hygiene. They focus was on creative expression of these issues which are considered taboo in the society.

The workshop started with introductions and an ice breaking game. This helped the children to open themselves and express freely. For younger children, animated and issue-based documentaries, media bytes, drawings and games were used whereas group discussion and group work techniques were deployed for older children.

This workshop helped the children to learn about their rights, ‘good and bad’ touch concepts and dealing with them, personal and menstrual hygiene, importance of nutrition, emergency contact etc. Children got the opportunity to showcase their creativity and expression in various forms - paper butterflies, paper bags, masks, greeting cards, photo frames, paper flowers etc.

A separate sensitization session on mensuration was also conducted where all adolescent girls were told about menstruation being a natural, normal biological process experienced by all and the need for a safe environment that offers protection and guidance for their basic health and well-being.

At the end of workshop, the children were rewarded for their creativity in the form of a prize distribution ceremony facilitated by teachers and trainers.

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