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Inauguration of Anganwadi Centres in Chhatand Panchayat, Block- Baliapur, District- Dhanbad

Inauguration of Anganwadi Centres in Chhatand Panchayat

Under the Project - 'Community Engagement for accessing Government’s flagship programmes on Basic Services (Health & Nutrition and Social Security Schemes) in selected villages of Dhanbad District, Jharkhand', two Anganwadi centres (AWCs) were inaugurated on 22nd July 2019. The Anganwadi centre  in Chhatand village of Chhatand Panchyat was inaugurated by Mr. Amit Kumar, IAS, Deputy Commissioner Dhanbad, and another centre located in Dulubera village was inaugurated by Mr. Suresh Dube, Director, Plant ACC limited.

These AWCs were featured as Model Centre. The centre depicts basic knowledge on mathematics, English, Hindi and object identification through wall paintings.  There are proper seating arrangements, drinking water facilities, toilet facilities and basic infrastructure facilities available for the children with ample space for play and learning purpose.

During the programme, Deputy Commissioner interacted with the children and parents. It was communicated that it is the responsibility of the community to take care of their centre and maintain it well for a longer period of time. On this occasion, children enrolled in the Anganwadi centres received gifts by Deputy Commissioner, Dhanbad and Director, Plant ACC Limited.

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