Our Focus

The campaign will work on changing the perceived ‘masculine’ attitudes and behavior around the following five key themes:


Language is usually not seen as an important contributor for gender inequality, but research over the last decade has suggested that how we speak also influences how we think and grammatical gender can shape how people interpret the world around them along gender lines.



There are distinct forms of active and passive ‘honour’ which can be mapped onto the expectations of traditional masculine and feminine behavior, whereby men are supposed to be assertive and respond with violence to slights upon their own, or their families ‘honor’ and women are expected to maintain their own fragile honor through complete conformity to social norms of feminine behavior.

Freedom of choice

Freedom of choice

In India there is a strong co-relation between very low female employment and freedom of choice for women, which appear to be rooted in the societies concern for women’s “purity.”

Division of labour at home

Division of labour at home

Do men and women do equal amounts of housework and child care today? Although, the domestic division of labour has become more equal over time, especially since the 1950s, yet the gendered division of domestic labour is still very unequal.



The fact that most of the values, beliefs and perceptions with regards to gender role, power equations and aspirations are set in the domestic space and homes is well established. Hence, parenting becomes one of the most crucial pieces of the puzzle which has an enormous role to play if we want to have a large scale impact.

 The Campaign

The Campaign

It’s Possible is a campaign for gender equality which aims at bringing about attitudinal change among men and women. The driving force behind the campaign is the idea that it’s possible to break the gender stereotypes and envisage a society in which all people, regardless of their sex, gender and sexuality have equal rights. While there are laws to deal with complaints of gender violence, we strive to create an environment in which we are able to prevent gender discrimination and violence of any kind. This can be achieved by advocating for gender equality and redefining notions of masculinity.


Veterans who are inspiring the Campaign:
Kamla Bhasin
Kamla Bhasin
Gender Rights Activist
Dr Belinda Bennet
Dr Belinda Bennet
Social Changemaker

Changemakers' Story

Some of our Change-makers narrating their journey

#IRefuse to be the one who is mute to gender based discrimination. #Itspossible


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            Rimil is a sixteen-year-old class eleventh student, who expresses her thought through poetry, sketches and blogs. All the views expressed in this blog are author’s personal views, It’s Possible does not necessarily endorse it.

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