by Manisha Majumdar


My children are the nostalgic reminder of choices, dreams, habits

And the history of intimacy.

Reminder of the galaxy of emotions, whispers, and gullible genes

That had gone into making them

Distinct and yet connected.


There are always moments of pause when I think

‘what if’ they are not been born…

Would I repent not being a mother?

Are they chosen or destined?

Do they belong to culture or nature?

Can they be called as my creation?


Interwoven destinies or divine beings

With each one of them there is reclamation of my femininity

Inevitable and distant….

Filtered through my stages of life

Confirming the errors and happiness of being and living

And of inexplicable love

Beyond territories of norms and DNA


Manisha Majumdar is a social worker and mother. All the views expressed in this blog are author’s personal views, It’s Possible does not necessarily endorse it.


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