Mahila Samman Saptaah

Its possible Campaign and Uttar Pradesh Police celebrated
“Mahila Samman Saptaah”

A workshop was organized by Phia Foundationin collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Police at Career Dental College of Sciences and Hospital, Lucknow on Saturday December 9thto celebrate Mahila Samman Saptaah. Around 500 participants from police department, UP Police Mahila Samman Prakosth, youths, CSO, Change Maker, academicians and media were present in the event. The workshop was marked by activities such as an overview and showcase of It’s Possible Campaign teaser video, a play named “Haqeeqat” performed by Phia foundation team and change makers highlighting division of work, honour, domestic violence; and an opportunity based game “Grab the opportunity” putting a light on how the opportunities are distributed in our society.
A power walk activity was organized with the male and female representative of police officers and few students to highlight how power and privilege can affect our society and lead to gender inequality in terms of language and freedom of choice; and theimportance of awareness of dial 100 and 1090 help-lines was highlighted.SSI Madiaon, Mr. Amarnath assured the participants

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