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Launch of Community Facilitation Centre in Dhanbad, Jharkhand being supported by ACC

Launch of Community Facilitation Centre in Dhanbad, Jharkhand being supported by ACC
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Launch of a Community Facilitation Centre

– Aninitiative of PHIA, supported by ACC Ltd, to facilitate the unorganized workers of Dhanbad, Jharkhand to be registered under Jharkhand Social Security Board for enabling access to social security entitlements

As per ILO’s rapid assessment study in year 2009, non-registration of workers under Building and otherConstruction Workers Act, 1996, is one ofthe biggest hurdle that needs to be addressed, for enabling access of the workers to the welfare benefits as per the provisions of the Act.

In Jharkhand, till March 2017, out of 1.15 Cr population of total unorganized workers(including construction workers), Govt of Jharkhand has been able to register a total of 8.3 lakhs workers (that includes 5.94 lakhs registered construction workers)

Lack of proper planning and implementation of UWSS Act 2008 in the state has denied the workers from all forms of social security provisions under the Act. As mentioned about the setting up of Workers’ Facilitation centre by state Govt under UWSS Act 2008 (as mentioned in the box), this remains still unplanned and unimplemented in the state.

To ground this initiative, ACC Ltd,has come forward to set up a Community Facilitation Centre(CFC), under its CSR intervention, in Sindri, Dhanbad, in partnership with PHIA Foundation as the implementing partner with institutional support from Department of Labour, Employment & Training, Govt of Jharkhand. CFC would serve to be a community friendly centre, where workers would reach for required information, online registrationas well as application for social security schemes under UWSSA & BOCW Act. Besides this, this centre would also enable the community to access the information as well as provisions under ICDS as well as JSY programme of State government.

Launching of thisCommunity facilitation Centre in PDIL building of Sindri, Dhanbad, was done by Mr NeerajAkhoury, MD & CEO, ACC Ltd, on 13th April 2017. PHIA Foundation tested this initiative just few months’ back (in Oct 2016) in the form of a pilot project with ACC Ltd in the same location. The success of the pilot project led to registration of 3000 unorganized workers in the region. Application for accessing social security benefits have just started. This momentum of empowerment of unorganized workers would now continue in the form of this newly launched Community facilitation Centre, that would continue to enable the workers to feel safe & secured under social security provisions provided by State Government.

Video Conferencing with Mr NeerajAkhoury, MD &CEO, ACC Ltd; Mr Pratyush Panda, CSR HEAD, ACC Ltd

The concept of empowering the unorganized workers and enablingthem access to provisions of UWSS Act 2008 & BOCW Act 1996 was appreciated by Mr NeerajAkhoury, MD & CEO, ACC Ltd, who further proposed PHIA to scale up the initiative in entire Dhanbad and West Singhbhum district.

He invited us to a Video Conference with senior CSR team member Mr Pratyush Panda, CSR HEAD, ACC Ltd. The video conference was attended by the following:

  • From Sindiri Plant: Mr Dixit, Plant Director Sindiri, Dhanbad, Mr Ravi Niwas, Manager CSR Sindiri and General Manager HR.
  • Government Representative: Mr Pradeep Lakra, Asst Labour Commissioner, Dhanbad (District Head, Dept. of Labour and Employment, GoJ).
  • From Phia: Johnson, Anu and Shikha (Helpline Manager)

The meeting started with an introduction followed by PHIA’s presentation on the work being done and plans for scale up.

Key outcomes of the discussion were:

  • Mr NeerajAkhoury, MD & CEO ACC Limited is highly impressed with the work being done by Phia foundation in Sindiri although the intervention were for 4 months only.
  • MD saisd, “ as a good citizen of this country we must do whatever is possible to make poor access all the benefits one is entitled to – Health, livelihood, employment, social security schemes and education. And to attain this, ACC is committed to go beyond 2% CSR bracket and also can mobilise resources if one has idea and passion to deliver”. He was talking inclusive development, exclusion and poverty as well.
  • MD has suggested that CSR head ensure replication of the model in across all the states where ACC has plants.
  • MD would like to implement these initiatives in the entire state of Jharkhand so that scale of this nature would influence the policies which impacts millions.
  • PHIA proposed two districts (West Singhbhum and Dhanbad) to start with, for registration of Unorganised and Building & Construction Workers (BOCW) with access to the provisions of therespectiive Acts.
  • A meeting with senior management Phia is planned in the month of May 2017 at their Corporate Office, Mumbai.