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As we endeavour to walk the extra mile
Partnering hope into the lives of the marginalised, Phia is helping slum children reach school!

Welcome to PHIA

Phia Foundation pins hopes on the sea change in the way we look at the things where the people of all castes, categories and creeds can lead a life without poverty, exclusion and discrimination. Each of the citizen irrespective of and men and women, rich and poor in the ideal society must have access to the rights, justice and dignity.


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With an aim to establish a gender equal society, Phia launched its gender campaign "It's possible" in March 2017 to create an unbiased and nondiscriminatory space. View All Latest News....

Our Videos

Phia brings to you a visual treat of our activities all around. Give a look to the glimpses of our initiatives as we move ahead on our vision of a society free from poverty, exclusion and discrimination and where all people live with justice and dignity. Watch our work...

Our Work

Partnering with locals across the country on development and humanitarian issues, envisioning an India free from poverty, exclusion and discrimination Phia is committed to improving lives of one and all. To know more about our work click here...

Current Projects

Creating an unbiased space where all genders have a say, responding to emergencies, education and health in slum communities, fighting to end manual scavenging is what we have been preaching. Read more about our current projects....

COVID-19 Response

Making desperate voices of migrant workers reach decision-makers of in Jharkhand. Read more…

Control room to support COVID-19 affected migrants and labourers in Jharkhand


Strengthening Local Governance (PRIs) in Jharkhand

Phia Foundation has partnered with APPI (Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiative Pvt. Ltd) on a programme that focuses on strengthening local democracy and capacitate local self-governance.




It is said that the only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment! PHIA Foundation has always been committed to and believed in a society free from poverty, exclusion and discrimination where all people live with justice, peace and dignity. In our strive to realize this dream, through various programmes Phia has reached out to over 4.0 million individuals in some of the most remote areas of India. Phia’s work is expanding and is touching lives of various individuals across multiple states. Education, governance, gender equality, empowerment through technology, digital livelihoods and health and nutrition are emerging to be the priority areas in which Phia has partnered with multiple stakeholders to reach out to some of the most marginalised communities and areas. I have witnessed some of the inspiring and transformational work Phia has been doing along with its partners and it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to realise that Phia’s work is helping communities to thrive despite adversities. 

I would like to thank our board members, civil society partners, social activists community leaders, private sector partners, philanthropy institutions and the government officials, who gave their best and joined hands in our mission to see a world free of poverty and discrimination. As Phia continues and builds on its journey, I invite you to join us in our endeavour to expose the scandal of poverty. Share your talents and expertise by volunteering with us. We aspire to inspire you to join and support us in our mission to find solutions to poverty and moving towards a just world.

Dr. Belinda Bennet, Managing Trustee of Phia Foundation



Dr. Belinda Bennet, Managing Trustee of the Phia Foundation

Success Story


  • For 3 hours a day, 10 year old Arifa collects reusable garbage. She does it because she’s told to, and not because she’s aware that it’s sold to provide for her family of three older sisters and a one-year-old brother.

  • Along the Uttar Pradesh Border, buried in the by lanes of Bhowapur, is a learning centre run by Phia Foundation, for children from the rag picking community that lives in its fringes.

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