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Governance & Accountability

Partnering Hope into Action (Phia) Foundation was registered in Delhi in 2005 as a Public Charitable Trust. It complies with the Red Cross Code of Conduct and adheres to the Sphere Project’s Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards for Accountability and Quality Management in emergency work.

Phia board review the progress of various activities and programmes implemented on the ground, approval of the programme and financial statement of accounts. It also oversees the compliance of the organisation as per the law.



The same winds that toss wayward boats gently steer those with well set sails to a brighter horizon. History is replete with heart-warming success stories that portray the power of environment and how it infl uences the destiny of a well set community. In an attempt to create stronger communities, Phia has identified their vulnerabilities, built appropriate capacities and equipped them to obtain the best aid available and enabled them to cruise towards purposeful destinies.

During 2016/17, Phia has equipped rag-picking street children to gain entry into mainstream educational institutions, educated illiterate rural women to practise digital transactions, enabled unorganised working communities to access government social security schemes and built the capacities of rural households in order to enhance livelihoods. Phia has been supported by the government’s policies and schemes, corporation’s social responsibility programmes, civil society  organisations and the communities themselves. My sincere appreciation to all the partnerships that have joined hands with Phia. There are many communities with varied vulnerabilities across India. Phia continues with its mission of supporting the vulnerable and helping them set their sails for a brighter future.

Ms. Shobhana Ramachandran, Former Chair of the Phia Foundation board (2015-2018)