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  • 24 girls were airlifted and rescued from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu to Jharkhand on 15th Dec 2020. They approached the State Migrant Control Room under Department of Labour, Employment and Training, Government of Jharkhand to come back to Jharkhand. The girls from West Singhbhum district were taken for sewing work. They were facing problems for food, accommodations, low wages, overtime work, and medical issues.

  • Once the Control Room was set up by the Jharkhand government hundreds of calls started coming in each day in search of some form of relief. Surendra Yadav a native of Kubri village in Giridih District of Jharkhand was among the many people who had reached out to the control room for immediate aid during the initial phase of the lockdown. A permanent resident of the state Mr. Yadav had completed his intermediate degree from Jharkhand but to make ends meet he had to move to Gulbarga, Karnataka at the age of 23, where he worked as a cashier at Raja Hotel.

  • At the Jharkhand Control Room, we have been counselling distressed migrant workers, students and other stranded people every day since we set up the helpline centre in April. So many people with so many different stories but all of them affected by one event- The Lockdown. Each story comes with its ups and down’s but the unwavering hope for a better life amid all the chaos around has given us the will to keep going. This is a story of Suraj Kisku a member of the Santhal Adivasi Tribe from the Dhumka district in Jharkhand.

  • Sunil Minj Oraon an ambitious young man from Rolzara Village in Ormanjhi, Ranchi is a permanent resident of the State of Jharkhand. He grew up in relative poverty but was determined to work hard and achieve a level of financial stability to provide for himself and his family. Mr. Oraon is the sole breadwinner in the family and has taken the responsibility to support his elderly parents, wife and two children.

  • Mrs.Somari Samad a post-graduate from Chakradharpur, in West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand was a young teacher in the village and earned Rs 3000/- per month but as a local policy permitted only one or two people to seek a civic job, she lost her source of income and found herself in a very helpless situation. Newly Married and now unemployed she was desperately looking for a way to earn a livelihood, fortunately, with the help of some local networks, she was able to go to Tamil Nadu where she started working at Annur Cotton Mills from July 9th, 2019.

  • India has been suffering from the issues of migration for a very long time, and this pandemic has worsened it the most. The country had been in total lockdown due to the novel coronavirus, and the migrant workers were desperately waiting to go back home. The laborers from Jharkhand who aspired to earn a decent livelihood, migrate far from their family to the neighboring countries. Movement of workers within the states has been a challenge, but bringing the workers across the borders has been fraught with additional jurisdictional and protocol-related challenges.

  • Honourable Chief Minister Mr Hemant Soren and Jharkhand State Head of PHIA Foundation Mr Johnson Topno met at Chief Minister's residence at Kanke Road and jointly provided personal safety kits worth more than Rs 1.56 crores for the protection of health workers working for the treatment of Coronavirus. On the occasion, the Chief Minister said that the personal safety kit was given to the state government by the Partnering Hope into Action Foundation (Phia Foundation) as a support to the health workers working in various hospitals of the state is commendable work.

  • Phia Foundation has been running a bridge school for the children who fall under the umbrella of rag pickers community, unorganized daily wage workers, domestic workers, differently able people, old and single mother in Delhi/NCR region for the past 4+ years. Almost 400 children are studying in these centres and Phia is supporting them in their mainstreaming and enrolment onto formal government schools. These communities earn their livelihood from rag picking, rickshaw pulling and by doing other small jobs.

  • Response team received 31,776 calls for 9,33,505 stranded migrants. A dedicated team of PACS Network – Phia Foundation, Jharkhand, has been relentlessly working 24x7 to provide much needed help to thousands of migrants of the state, who are stuck because of the national lockdown due to COVID-19 crisis.

    PACS Network – Phia Foundation has joined hands with the Department of Labour, Employment & Training, Govt. of Jharkhand to establish and manage the COVID-19 Response Team (Control Room at State Secretariat, Nepal House).

  • The nationwide lockdown was announced in the wake of a possible COVID-19 outbreak on March 24. This lockdown has led to several humanitarian challenges for the vulnerable communities of our society. Lakhs of labourers, most of them daily wage earners working in the informal sector, were stranded in various cities and states across the country. Some of the stranded migrant workers have faced issues, such as lack of food and money to survive the 3-weeks of lockdown that was eventually extended for another 19 days.