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Our work

Since Phia Foundation calls the 21st century Indian poverty a scandal, the organization vows to eliminate it paving the way for a society where the people of all walks of life have access to justice and dignity. Local partners are spreading across the country to help proliferate development and humanitarian initiatives which will, in the long run, stem the root of poverty. A strong bond and understanding with many grassroot level organizations is of no less help to reach the poorest and most disadvantaged communities.

Special thrust on women, young ones and disadvantaged groups.

Phia Foundation is committed to:

  • helping more and more children get school education
  • helping women and girls get access to healthcare
  • supporting the poor people to get access to resources and eke out means of livelihood
  • providing both short term and long-term assistance to the calamity-hit people
  • supporting work to make people less vulnerable to disasters in future
  • empowering communities to get access to their rights by supporting them and advocating with them and on their behalf