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PHIA Foundation team comes to rescue stranded migrants of Jharkhand

PHIA Foundation team comes to rescue stranded migrants of Jharkhand

Response team received 31,776 calls for 9,33,505 stranded migrants. A dedicated team of PACS Network – Phia Foundation, Jharkhand, has been relentlessly working 24x7 to provide much needed help to thousands of migrants of the state, who are stuck because of the national lockdown due to COVID-19 crisis.

PACS Network – Phia Foundation has joined hands with the Department of Labour, Employment & Training, Govt. of Jharkhand to establish and manage the COVID-19 Response Team (Control Room at State Secretariat, Nepal House).

The COVID 19 response Team has a strong 200 team members working in 3 shifts (24X7 working hours) belonging to various departments of the State government along with the PACS- Phia Foundation team members.

The team members are registering SOS calls, identifying the place of transit points/ stay locations and listing down the issues being faced by people of Jharkhand currently across other states through toll free helpline Numbers. Everyday, call details are categorised State and district wise and shared through the State government to the concerned State for immediate actions.

Notably, the immediate response of the call centre has been very encouraging. Phia Foundation has registered 31,776 calls from 9,33,505 migrant workers and other people including medical patients, students, travellers, etc. stranded in other states and union territories of country. The place of transit point/ stay location was identified along with number of people stranded. Also, the issues being faced by people currently across other states, is listed down and shared with the Chief Minister’s Office and Senior Officials of the Government of Jharkhand.

With the efforts of the response team counselling of all the 31,776 callers have been conducted and assurance has been given to 9,33,505 migrants for health care, shelter, food supply and follow the government norms on COVID 19 Response. Migrant workers and other people stranded are being assisted/helped in getting the basic services across India through government, Civil Society and Private Sector collective efforts. There are around 400 emergency cases of people who are stranded at various places.

The call centre has been functional from 27th March 2020, within these days it has received more than 31,000 calls from 35 states and Union Territories wherein 9,33,505 people are stranded.


Toll Free Phone Nos.
0651-2490037, 0651-2490052, 0651-2490055, 0651-2490058, 0651-2490083, 0651-2490092, 0651-2490104, 0651-2490125, 0651-2490127, 0651-2490128

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