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Success Stories

  • In the middle of a garbage dump in Bhowapur, on the outskirts of Delhi, down the muddy roads among houses as ramshackle as they come, you will find a beacon of hope.

    Phia is supporting an education project which provides basic schooling to 150 children from the desperately poor ragpicker community that calls this place home.

    Jugnu – which means firefly – was set up six years ago by teacher Biba Singh and her husband Manoj Kumar. Phia Foundation has been backing the project since 2014.

  • For many farmers, a sustainable, decent living wage is very hard to come by – especially for those from excluded communities.

    Phia supports initiatives like the Eco-veg project in Tamil Nadu where farmers are improving their livelihoods and growing organic crops that are healthier for their customers. The project aims to reach 5,000 farmers from excluded communities, especially women.